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My jewellery is sculptural in form: functional  pieces in silver and gold, some designs are unisex and also multifunctional as a piece of sculpture. use cut, uncut semiprecious stones and jet: these are used in modern and minimalist ways. The jet I use is found by me on the Yorkshire coast. From growing up surrounded by modern design and architecture these influences filter through into my jewellery 

A new design has come about as an effort to reduce single use plastic and it is the silver drinking straw, an investment for the future. Silver is naturally antibacterial and will last a lifetime, perfect as a christening gift as an example.




Photo 26-10-2018, 11 29 06.jpg
Photo 26-07-2018, 11 52 31
Photo 10-08-2018, 11 24 25 (1)
Photo 16-05-2018, 20 07 01
Photo 26-10-2018, 11 29 06
Photo 24-08-2018, 14 38 41
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